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Living Around a Fireplace Installation

I happen to know a thing or two about living in a home while a new fireplace is being installed. It takes some time for the process to be completed, and the inconvenience can feel pretty intense, but there are tips and tricks you can use to make the process easier on the entire family – like turn a bedroom into the living room (if the living room is where your new fireplace is going, of course) when the construction gets a little loud. In the fifty years that I've lived in this home, I have experienced my fair share of home improvement projects. I decided that maybe some of my experience can help others who are looking to complete their own projects, like installing a new fireplace. Enjoy!

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Seamless Gutter Features and Extras to Make the Most Out of Improvements

If you are planning on investing in seamless gutters for your home, you likely want to get more from your investment. Therefore, you want more than just the aluminum gutters that will be installed on your home—you probably want gutter guards, rain collection systems, and improved downspout drains. The following seamless gutter installation tips and tricks will help you get more from your home improvement investment:

Choosing the Size and Style of Canals

The size of the seamless gutters you have installed is important. If you are not installing rain collection, a narrower canal is fine for the runoff coming from your roof. If you are going to be installing a rain collection system, consider using wider canals to maximize the capacity of the system. There are also several different molding styles to choose from when installing seamless gutters, and you will need to talk to your installer about the types of molding styles that they can make.

Adding the Right Gutter Guard System

The gutters will need a gutter guard system installed. Gutter guards will be an extra cost that you should talk to your installer about. In addition, there are several types of guards that can be installed. If you get heavy snowfall, a solid system that prevents ice dams will be a good investment. If you want a more affordable solution, mesh screen guards are an affordable solution. There are a variety of gutter guard systems that you can choose and have installed. 

Design and Installation of a Rain Collection System

There are also many rain collection systems that can be installed with seamless gutters. The system can be a simple design with barrels that collect runoff from the downspout. The rain collection system can also have a complete design and provide solutions for things like landscaping irrigation. They can also have filtration systems to provide water for different uses around your home.

Improvements to Downspout and Exterior Drainage Systems

Lastly, you will want to talk to your gutter installer about improvements to the downspout drain. These can be hidden downspouts for a more attractive installation. The improvements can also include drains that go to landscaping or connect to a professionally installed landscaping drainage system.

These gutter features will help you get more from your investment in a seamless system for your home. If you are planning on installing gutters, contact a seamless aluminum gutter installation service and talk to them about these solutions.