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Living Around a Fireplace Installation

I happen to know a thing or two about living in a home while a new fireplace is being installed. It takes some time for the process to be completed, and the inconvenience can feel pretty intense, but there are tips and tricks you can use to make the process easier on the entire family – like turn a bedroom into the living room (if the living room is where your new fireplace is going, of course) when the construction gets a little loud. In the fifty years that I've lived in this home, I have experienced my fair share of home improvement projects. I decided that maybe some of my experience can help others who are looking to complete their own projects, like installing a new fireplace. Enjoy!

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Finish Your Basement For Your Kid And His Stuff

Some kids have a lot of stuff and some may say that they have too much stuff, but if your kid actually plays with their stuff, then they need the stuff and the stuff is worth keeping. Unfortunately, a home doesn't grow like your kid—you know, the more you stuff in it, the bigger it gets—but you can find more space within the walls just be finishing at least an area of your basement. Here, you'll find a few ideas that can help you create the perfect play place for your growing kid.

Hire Professional Basement Finishing Professionals

Finishing a basement can be more complicated than you might think. It's not like doing renovations on the main living area where you can just slap some drywall up, mud it, paint it, and be done with it. Due to the concrete walls and flooring and the possibility of moisture seepage, there is special planning that must be done—certain precautions to be taken.

A professional crew will go beyond what you'll be able to do on your own. They will complete an inspection to find out if there is any moisture issues that will need to be resolved before the area can be finished, and they will know the best materials to use in the area to prevent mold growth and moisture issues in the future.

Don't Forget the Electrical Outlets

One thing to be sure of before the walls are finished is that there are more than enough electrical outlets in the area. As your kid grows, so will his need for electrical outlets. In a lot of cases, basements that are unfinished only have a limited number of outlets, but if you install some extras before the walls are finished, they can be installed with ease. These outlets will come in handy if your kid turns to a love of electronics and needs to power up for playtime.

Heating and Cooling

Your basement likely stays pretty cool all year long, so air conditioning won't be too much of a necessity, but you will definitely need to pump some heat into the area. Rather than messing with the existing HVAC system, you can opt for a secondary heat source for the basement. This will be the ideal solution because you don't have to keep the basement as warm as the rest of the house if it isn't being used. So, think about baseboard heaters or wall-mount room heaters.

Talk with your local basement finishing professional and get started creating the perfect play place for your kid and all of his stuff.