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Living Around a Fireplace Installation

I happen to know a thing or two about living in a home while a new fireplace is being installed. It takes some time for the process to be completed, and the inconvenience can feel pretty intense, but there are tips and tricks you can use to make the process easier on the entire family – like turn a bedroom into the living room (if the living room is where your new fireplace is going, of course) when the construction gets a little loud. In the fifty years that I've lived in this home, I have experienced my fair share of home improvement projects. I decided that maybe some of my experience can help others who are looking to complete their own projects, like installing a new fireplace. Enjoy!

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How To Ruin A Tractor Engine

When trying to take care of a tractor engine, it is important to understand what can potentially ruin an engine. This is not because you want to ruin your engine, but rather because you need to understand what can go wrong that would lead to you needing to purchase a new engine or tractor.

Using Contaminated Fuel Or Oil

Make sure that the diesel fuel and motor oil remains pure. Depending on what might contaminate the fuel or oil, you may ruin your engine. If the motor oil has sand or grit in it, this can ruin the engine. Accidentally adding petrol to a diesel-powered engine might ruin it. However, there is little reason to accidentally place gasoline in a diesel-powered engine since it is illegal to put gasoline in a container marked "diesel." If gasoline is placed in a diesel engine, you will hear a loud pinging noise. Then, the pistons will begin to become deformed and you will need a new engine. Even gasoline that is mixed with diesel will ruin the engine.

Running Out Of Sump Oil

If there is a leak that causes your engine to run out of sump oil, this can ruin the engine. One reason why your engine may run out of oil is a failure to properly tighten the oil drain plug. This should always be tightened with a wrench, not with your fingers. If the oil gauge shows that the oil is zero, it is important to stop the engine or you will be forced to repair it. 

Water In The Tank

When your tractor has been exposed to water, such as if it has been through a flood, this can damage or ruin the engine. A small amount of water can cause the engine to run rough and may affect the engine's performance. Adding additives to the fuel can remove the water and cure the problem. If the water overflows through the air intake system and thee is significant water contamination, your engine may need to be overhauled before it will be functional again.

Driving Your Tractor Too Quickly

Tractors are designed to drive slowly over rough terrain. It is very easy to break an axle when traveling fast over rough train. When it is necessary to get a tractor from one location to another quickly, make sure to place the tractor on a trailer and tow it rather than driving.

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