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Living Around a Fireplace Installation

I happen to know a thing or two about living in a home while a new fireplace is being installed. It takes some time for the process to be completed, and the inconvenience can feel pretty intense, but there are tips and tricks you can use to make the process easier on the entire family – like turn a bedroom into the living room (if the living room is where your new fireplace is going, of course) when the construction gets a little loud. In the fifty years that I've lived in this home, I have experienced my fair share of home improvement projects. I decided that maybe some of my experience can help others who are looking to complete their own projects, like installing a new fireplace. Enjoy!

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Three Ways Drilling A Private Water Well Can Help You Live A Greener Life

Because it doesn't require collection in a manmade reservoir, municipal treatment, and distribution, well water is already an eco-friendly way to provide your family with fresh, clean water to drink. Whether you're looking to live off the land and become completely self-sustaining, don't like the taste of municipal water, simply live too far away from the city to use it, or you've become concerned about municipal water treatment practices, having a private well drilled through a place like J. A. Schwall Well & Pump Service Inc can be a great idea. Here are three ways that your own private water well can green up your lifestyle.

1. Natural filtering

Private wells, by accessing water in underground reservoirs, take advantage of the earth's ability to use gravity to filter water naturally. The sedimented layers of the topsoil that the water sinks through on its way to becoming groundwater help remove almost all harmful particles such as chemicals, bacteria, and heavy metals. Although it's possible for a well to become contaminated by one of these things (such as during flooding or via the well opening itself), which is why yearly testing for water quality is essential, the natural filtration system is so successful that in areas with normal topsoil layers, private wells often don't require any treatments at all.

2. No excessive treatments

By having your water tested each year, you can determine whether it has high levels of some problematic substance such as salt or bacteria. Between testings, you can protect your well's integrity by keeping potential sources of contamination many yards away from the well and keeping the well securely covered at all times. You can also keep an eye on the water itself and have additional testing performed if you notice changes in color, flavor, or odor. But unless testing does come up with some problem that will need to be remediated, your water won't need chlorine treatments or other chemical additions that municipally produced water gets.

3. No transportation

Municipal water systems require a transportation infrastructure of many pipes to get the water to each home in the city. Your private well may need to be piped into your house from your yard or field, but that's all. The less distance the water has to travel, the fewer natural resources are being used in pipes to get it where it needs to go.

These three points show how you can live a more natural, eco-friendly life when you have a private well installed.